Welcome to the 49 Sports Network

Welcome to 49 Sports. We are a group of university students who have a passion for sports writing and university sport across this great continent we are so happy to call home.

The idea behind this website is to give university and college sports the attention it deserves, and a coverage medium that in unmatched anywhere north of the 49th parallel. Although we are hockey and soccer focused, we are a multi-sport and growing network that is becoming THE PLACE for everything post-secondary sports.

Game coverage? We’ll have it. Profile articles? Got that too. Lots of great stuff coming very soon here on 49 sports.

Why 49? Well, we cover the NCAA and U Sports- the two governing body’s of university sports in both Canada and the United States. the border which splits the two country is the 49th parallel, and is something the two nations have in common. With that, we value our unity as a continent and our common goal to promote the best sporting landmass on earth, hence the number 49.

Welcome to 49-sport.com, we’re glad you’re here.

We are also happy to be directly with The Puck Authority, a well established, in depth hockey website that has an abundance of writers across the continent. focusing on the professional aspects of the game. The Puck Authority is a great partner to have as we support both the professional and educational side of sports.

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