U Sports Women’s Basketball: Rams End Road Trip With a Win

Being on the road for a few games didn’t faze the Ryerson Rams women’s basketball team. Coming off their now 4 game winning streak, they took home a huge victory as they wrapped up their time on the road against the U of T Varsity Blues.

There was a slow start to the game until Bronwyn Williams scored her first of 2 buckets in the first quarter. The Rams took the lead early on but the Blues weren’t too far behind. By the end of the quarter, the Rams led 23-14. The Blues had a strong start to the second quarter as Nada Radonjic made a 3 point shot in its mere minutes. Both teams scored their fair share of buckets throughout the quarter; the Rams scoring 16 points and the Blues 15. Although, their efforts weren’t enough to take the lead over the Rams and they ended the first half trailing by 10.

Heading into the third quarter, Marin Scotten made two 3 point shots within a minute. The Rams didn’t make scoring easy for Blues; they went without making buckets for a few minutes at a time. Their defense didn’t match up to the Rams’, who ended the quarter with 19 points. The final quarter was dominated by the Rams. They had their largest lead of the game, 37 points, with 4 minutes left. Despite being far behind, the Blues kept going and scored 5 points in the final two minutes of the game. The Rams took home another victory winning 84-53 over the Blues.

The Rams return to action next Friday against the Gee-Gees on home court. Will they continue their winning streak or come up short to the Gee-Gees?

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