Finding the Best U Sports Hashtag: The OUA

With the main sports season coming to a close after the Coronavirus hit, it offers a chance to reflect on the past season. One of the biggest challenges in U Sports is marketing their programs, to students and to the greater public. This is why a debate that nobody is having must be answered, which school in U Sports school has the best hashtag? Let’s start with the OUA.

Let’s start this off with the ones at the bottom of the list

Need Some Work

20. Lakehead Thunderwolves: N/A

Kicking things off in last place is the Lakehead Thunderwolves for seemingly not operating with a hashtag. If anyone knows of Lakehead’s hashtag I couldn’t find it anywhere.

Image result for lakehead thunderwolve hockey
(Thunderwolves Athletics)

19. Laurentian Voyageurs: #FearTheNoise

Now getting into the actual hashtags. This hashtag does not make a lot of sense. What noise are we supposed to be fearing? The noise of wherever they are supposed to be voyaging to? Granted a team named the Voyageurs is always going to have a difficult time coming up with a strong hashtag but this misses the mark.

18. Trent Excalibur: #1Excalibur

If you know the backstory that this hashtag is designed to mean athletes are part of One Excalibur as a big family type of thing then it improves this hashtag but the big problem is writing 1 instead of the word one. That makes this hashtag lose a lot of marks.

17. Windsor Lancers: #LancerFamily

This is another hashtag that doesn’t make a ton of sense. It doesn’t really serve as a rally cry like other hashtags or stand out that well. This is a problem that the “We Are” hashtags deal with a lot better and sound a lot nicer.

Image result for windsor lancers sports
The Windsor Lancers (OUA)

16. Waterloo Warriors: #GoBlackGoGold

This hashtag is not good enough to justify its length.  The Warriors have kept this one for a few years now but it is awkward to say and could serve to be shortened.

Getting Better

15. Algoma Thunderbirds: #autbirds

The Thunderbirds come in with a decent entry but one that reads out weirdly. At first read this looked like they were calling themselves the AUT BIRDS and that knocks this hashtag down some slots.

14. Guelph Gryphons: #GryphonPride

Pride hashtags are always strange because they don’t read out like proper phrases. The Gryphons clock in lowest of the three because with a name like the Gryphons it feels like they could have come up with better options here.

The Guelph Gryphons with the 2019-20 Queen’s Cup (Ben Steiner/49 Sport)

13. Ontario Tech Ridgebacks: #RidgebackPride

Ontario Tech rebranded this year from University of Ontario Institute of Technology but kept #RidegebackPride as a holdover from previous years. It fairs a little better mostly due to OTU not having as many options as Guelph and phonetically Ridgeback Pride sounding nicer than Gryphon Pride.

12. York Lions: #LionPride

The Lions get the highest marks out of these three because at the very least a Group of Lions is a Pride so it works as a double entendre.

York’s women’s hockey team celebrates a goal (Ben Steiner/49 Sport)

11. Laurier Golden Hawks: #SoarAbove

The GoldenHawks took #WeareHAWKS and turned it into a jokey hashtag in 2019-2020. #SoarAbove is a pretty good play on the fact they are Hawks, it just feels underwhelming.

The Pretty Good

10. McMaster Maraduers: #GoMacGo

Simple, but effective, it reminds me of the San Antonio Spurs #GoSpursGo. Only downside is not using the Marauders more which is one of the cooler names in the OUA

9. Brock Badgers: #WeAreBadgers

In a league struggling to gain traction creating fans out of students, using “We Are” something to bring them together is always a good idea. The Badgers only are at the lowest rung due to having the most straightforward hashtag.

Leo Giron
Brock men’s soccer vs York Lions (Brock Badgers Athletics)

8. Toronto Varsity Blues: #WeAreTO

The Varsity Blues do this a little better than Brock by trying to encompass Toronto. The other hashtag Toronto uses, #BleedBlue is another very solid entry.

7. Ryerson Rams:   #WeRrams

The Rams get top spot out of these three because of the way this hashtag gets written. Turning what would be the word “are” into R to play on being the Ryerson Rams is really clever.

Image result for ryerson rams cricket
Ryerson Rams Cricket Team (Ryerson Rams Athletics)

6. RMC Paladins: #RedNation

RMC exists as one of the smallest schools to have athletes compete in the OUA, a hashtag that brings that smaller group together is a good hashtag.

The Best of the Best

5. Ottawa Gee Gees: #GGNation

Another good example of a hashtag meant to bring the student body together. Especially for a school that shares a city with another school, creating a Nation style fan base is a smart way to build a connection with students. Extra marks for using just GG and making this hashtag succinct.

4. Western Mustangs: #RunWithUs

They are horses and they run so run with them. It’s a simple classic hashtag and it works really well. I also loved #PurpleReign but the Mustangs have a solid entry.

WSOC vs Guelph Oct 5
Western women’s soccer vs Guelph (Western Mustangs Athletics/ Laurel Jarvis)

3. Nipissing Lakers: #northerNUprising

This hashtag is just so smooth. The Lakers calling themselves the Northern Uprising is a very smart choice considering their location in North Bay and then actually being written out with the capital NU is just so clean.

2. Carleton Ravens #FearTheConspiracy

There is just something super intense about this hashtag. Maybe it’s the years of National titles but Carleton feels like the only school that could make conspiracy sound so intimidating.

1. Queen’s Gaels: #ChaGheill

This hashtag is pronounced Kay-Yi-Al and is apparently a Gaelic war cry that means “no surrender”. That is absolutely epic. No other OUA school can come close to an actual war cry which means Queen’s easily deserves top spot.

Image result for queens gaels baseball
(Queen’s Gaels Athletics)

That is all we have for the OUA, but please check back soon for the other conference’s hashtag rankings, as we continue our search for the best tag in all of U Sports.

One thought on “Finding the Best U Sports Hashtag: The OUA

  1. To Richard Coffey…

    Comment on the entertaining piece on OUA hashtags… I think you missed the boat on Carleton’s… it plays on another level… see the following Merriam-Webster definition of a “conspiracy” of ravens…

    A group of ravens is called an “unkindness” or “conspiracy,” which seems fitting, since ravens are traditionally considered creepy; in fact, seeing many of them in one place can induce Hitchcockian “The Birds”-like flashbacks in even the least ornithophobic (those people with a fear of birds).

    Await your look at the AUS.

    Best, Steve

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