The Best U Sports Hashtag: The RSEQ

We have one last league to examine in the search for the best hashtag in all of U Sports. We have looked at Ontario, Canada West and Atlantic Canada meaning all that is left in in Quebec. Let’s finish it off with a look at the schools of RSEQ and their hashtags. This list caused me to have to translate some of this hashtags so forgive me if I screw up my translation skills but I am pretty sure they are all correct.

8. McGill Athletics: #NA

I will give McGill a partial pass, since because they dropped the Redmen nickname from the men’s program, marketing is clearly a little in flux so not having a hashtag is forgivable. Unfortunately, it still lands them at the bottom of the list.

t-6th UQAM Citadins: #GoCitadins, Laval Rouge et Or: #GoLaval

Les Citadins s'inclinent face aux Carabins - NOUVELLES | PHOTOS ...

Unfortunately just as in Canada West we have another example of hashtag plagiarism where two schools are just using the same format. I am disappointed in both schools as Citadins and Rouge et Or are both unique names that it feels like they could have done more with.

5. Concordia Stingers: #CUStingers

Concordia pulls into 5th place with a hashtag that isn’t as basic as a Go Team Go hashtag but unfortunately is literally just a short form of Concordia University Stingers. So, it steps outside the box and yet still remains inside the box at the same time. It’s different but not really.

4. Montreal Carabins: #TousCarabins

Diversity dominates Carabins soccer team — Men's Soccer — U SPORTS
(U Sports)

Now we get into our first hashtag “En Francais”. Carabins in French roughly means rifle as it is based off of a carbine, or a short version of a musket. There hashtag essentially says All Rifles, which I get what they are going for because I know it sounds better in French than in translation. It is another example of the community style hashtag that I like where a U Sports team is trying to create a community aspect of their team.

3. UQTR Patriotes: #PuissancePats

UQTR’s hashtag roughly translates to Pats Power. I like this one, its part of that confident/cocky style of hashtag you want to go for if you aren’t taking the community angle. UQTR delivers with a solid submission.

2. Bishops Gaiters: #GaiterNation

Maybe it’s because they took U Sports by storm in 2020 with their appearance in the Mens Basketball Final 8. Maybe it is because they are the smallest school in RSEQ and I’m a sucker for schools that are small that market like this.  Either way there is just something about Gaiter Nation that is so endearing.

1. Sherbrook Vert & Or #FiertéVO

Le Vert & Or de retour en éliminatoire | JDM
(Le Journal de Montreal)

For the first and only time a Pride hashtag takes top spot. The Sherbrook Green and Gold hashtag translates directly to Pride VO or Green and Gold Pride if you want to stretch it out. For some reason, this time a pride hashtag works. Maybe it is the Frenchness of it, maybe it is making the shortform of Vert & Or to VO but everything just comes together so clean

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