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49 Sports has recently launched a pair of podcasts as a part of their coverage of Canadian university sports. All of the podcasts can be found in the “Podcasts” tab in the task bar at the top of the page.

The two podcasts included in the site are “Whats Up with U?” and “Inside the Tunnel.” The former is hosted by Ben Steiner and Justin Levine with input from all of the network’s contributors. This podcast does it’s best to go coast to coast and tell as many stories as they can in a one hour show each week.

“Inside the Tunnel” is hosted by Andrew Walker. His podcast showcases university sports in western Canada as well as the Canadian Premier League. You can find Andrew on Twitter at @DJAndrewWalker.

On “What Up With U?” This Week

This week’s episode included many different aspects. It began with Emile Riga, the show’s first guest, speaking about OUA soccer and some of the recruits that have come in the Ontario soccer scene. Following the soccer discussion, the rest of the episode focused on the suspension of the Lethbridge Pronghorns hockey programs, and included a trio of interviews with players and coaches who were effected. The interviews were conducted by Ben Steiner and Dan Khavkin. Interviewees include Horns assistant coach Brandon Greening as well as Torrin White and Spenser Jensen, two seniors from the men’s team.


0:00-27:00 Soccer talk and hockey update with Justin Levine, Ben Steiner and Emile Riga 

27:53: Ben Steiner and Brandon Greenside (Lethbridge men’s assistant coach and former Western Mustang)

30:40: Dan Khavkin and Torrin White (Senior with the Pronghorns and outspoken member of the team)

50:14: Ben Steiner and Spenser Jensen (Senior with the Pronghorns and former WHL player)

Today’s contributors: 

Ben Steiner @BenSteiner00 //  Justin Levine @JustinLevineHBS // Dan Khavkin @Dan_Khavkin // Emile Riga @EmileRiga


On “Inside The Tunnel”

The latest edition of “Inside the Tunnel” is hosted as always by Andrew Walker who spoke to U SPORTS hockey insider and voice of the Mississauga Steelheads on Sauga 960 AM, Victor Findlay about the shutdown of university hockey in Lethbridge.


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