What’s Up With U? Podcast: Episode 9 with Kernel Purrier and the PWHPA’s Liz Knox

Vancouver,BC- This week on the What’s Up With U? Podcast, we touch on a lot. Both the world and U SPORTS have changed in the last week, and we make sure to talk about as much of it as possible.

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As most readers/listeners know, U SPORTS parted ways with CEO and President Graham Brown after five years with him in the position, and that is a topic of the show, however, far from the most important. The show begins with Ben and Justin discussing Brown’s leaving of the position, and also get into some ideas of what they would do if they were the incoming president.

After the presidential discussion, we get to the most important part of the show. Ben and Justin speak with Ryerson University student and 49 contributors Kernel Purrier about the recent events in the United States of America and around the world, his experience in sports as well as what people can do to force change in today’s world unrest.

Following the talk with Purrier, Justin chats with former Laurier Golden Hawk goaltender and current PWHPA member Liz Knox about her experiences in U SPORTS, the CWHL and the FISU Winter Games.

The episode finishes with a tweaked Cross-Country Skate. Rather than going over the week’s newest recruits, Ben and Justin take a look at the other side of U SPORTS hockey and those players who are turning to the professional game.

There was a lot in this week’s episode, we hope you enjoy it.

00:00-10:00 : Ben and Justin on Graham Brown leaving, and what they would do if they were president.
10:00-19:00 : Kernel Purrier discusses the world’s event and how we can all change for a better world.
20:00- 42:00 : PWHPA goaltender Liz Knox on U SPORTS, CWHL and FISU
42:00- FIN : The reversed Cross-Country Skate

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