What’s Up With U? Podcast Ep.12: A Call to the Hall, CJFL and NCAA

VANCOUVER, BC- There are less than 30 weeks until U SPORTS could be back! Week by week, we get a bit closer to the return of sports, and week by week,  we at 49 Sports continue to give you the What’s Up With U? Podcast. 

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This week’s show is hosted by Ben Steiner and Casey Dobson, and they are joined by 49 staff writer Keirsten Spade in the opening segments. The show begins with a Hockey Hall of Fame discussion, and the induction of former McGill Martlet hockey player Kim St-Pierre, followed by a look at some of the new faces heading to Laurier’s men’s hockey team. 

The back-end of the show is all football. Ben and Casey take a look at what the Canadian Junior Football League could do for U SPORTS players, how players could flee for the NCAA, and how Guelph’s Tavius Robison didn’t get the warmest of welcomes when he was announced by Ole Miss (NCAA) earlier in the week. 

If you’re missing the Cross-Country Skate with Justin Levine, he will be back on next week’s show with everything U SPORTS men’s and women’s hockey. 

Show Rundown:

00:00- 7:00 – Hockey Hall of Fame

7:00- 12:50 – Laurier Golden Hawks Top 3 MHKY recruits

12:50-FIN – CJFL, NCAA Football, Tavius Robinson transfer

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