U SPORTS MHKY: Ranking the AUS Arenas

Vancouver, BC- Canada’s Atlantic provinces have long been heralded as the heartbeat of university hockey, and the seven AUS men’s hockey programs that dot the Maritimes continue to have some of the best support in the whole country. However, although maritime fans are showing up in droves, the facilities they inhabit are not the newest nor flashiest in U SPORTS. Today, 49 Sports is ranking all seven AUS men’s hockey arenas.

7. Prince Edward Island- MacLauchlan Arena

On-Campus: Yes

Built: 2003

Capacity: 1400

Our Facility – Andrews Hockey Growth Programs
(University of PEI)

The host of the 2020 women’s U SPORTS national hockey tournament, Maclauchlan Arena is the only arena in the AUS with one-sided seating. There are 13 dressing rooms throughout the facility, making it perfect for a tournament, however, the one-sided seating leaves the arena with little character. There are two ice sheets at the facility, and it is connected to the university’s athletic centre.

The arena has been deemed not large enough for the 2021 men’s University Cup tournament, which will be hosted at the Eastlink Centre, home of the QMJHL’s Charlottetown Islanders.

6. Dalhousie- Halifax Forum

On-Campus: No

Built: 1927

Capacity: 5600

Halifax Forum – Dalhousie Tigers | Stadium Journey
(Stadium Journey)

Built in 1927, the Halifax Forum is nearly a century old, but it’s not always been home to the Tigers. The Dalhousie Memorial Arena housed the team for many years, before being demolished in 2012. The off-campus Halifax Forum has an old charm to it, but lacks fan support without being on-campus. 

As a facility, the Forum is up to snuff, but the distance from campus means that the school isn’t able to put on intramural hockey or skating, a definite drawback to the arena. In 2017, the CBC reported that a new on-campus arena was near planned, but nothing has happened since.

5. St. Mary’s- The Dauphinee Centre

On-Campus: Yes

Built: 2019

Capcaity: 875 (seated)

Image may contain: one or more people, basketball court and stadium
(SMU Huskies Alumni)

Simple. That’s the word that comes to mind when looking at the home of the SMU Huskies. Opened in 2019, the facility is the newest addition to the AUS hockey circuit, however, there isn’t much special to it. On-Campus is always a benefit, and most students will not care about the rink’s simplicity. The Dauphinee Centre is a major upgrade from sharing the Halifax Forum with Dalhousie, and the 875 people seated capacity has potential for some wild student-based nights.

4. St.FX- Charles V. Keating Centre Arenas

On-Campus: Yes

Built: 2001

Capacity: 1500

Saint Francis Xavier University - Antigonish, Nova Scotia
(St.Francis Xavier X-Men Athletics)

I’m one for colours and the navy blue seats combined with the navy blue X-Men brand makes this arena look really appealing at first sight. The facility has two rinks, but only one serves as the home for the Varisty hockey teams. With a capacity of 1500, it is near perfect for university hockey, and both the men’s and women’s teams have filled the building on occasion. 

There are 10 dressing rooms all with separate washrooms, making it an appealing arena for the players, and the 40-person VIP lounge offers a little something extra to select fans. As far as university hockey arenas go, the “clean” looking Moncton arena is pretty good.

3. Moncton- Jean-Louis Lévesque Arena

On-Campus: Yes

Built: 1966

Capacity:  1339 (seated)

(Universite de Moncton)

On-campus is always a win and the Moncton arena has got that. It’s certainly quirky looking, but the eight rows of seats do their job. Pictures of the dressing room make the player’s facilities look extremely simple, but there’s only so much one can ask for in an arena.

2. Acadia- Andrew H. McCain Arena

On-Campus: Yes

Built: 1988

Capacity: 1800

(Acadia Axemen Hockey Twitter)

Andrew H. McCain Arena, formerly known as the Acadia Arena has a lot going for it. Built-in 1988, it’s the newest addition to Acadia’s athletic facilities but is still over 30 years old. The Axemen/women are known to have some of the higher attended games in U SPORTS, and the capacity of 1800 makes for a cozy atmosphere each and every night. 

There is a running track the goes around the top of the stands, which is odd but doesn’t draw too much away from the game. In the corner, there is a divider between the two stands which has photos of past Acadia events, this adds a unique touch to the barn, but could potentially interfere with spectator sightlines.

1. New Brunswick- Aitken University Centre

On-Campus: Yes

Built: 1976

Capacity:  3278

Aitken Centre | Fredericton Tourism
(University of New Brunswick)

Combine one of the best teams in university hockey history with an on-campus arena, and you’ve got the Aitken University Centre. Although on-campus, it serves as the community main arena, and with that, it’s set up is nothing short of elite. 

The centre is one of the few areas in all of U SPORTS to have luxury seats, and it boasts 80 of them, all alongside its 3278 person capacity. With all of its likeable characteristics, the Aitken Centre has attracted the University Cup national tournament six times, most recently in 2018. The arena also hosted the Moncton Wildcats in QMJHL playoff action in 2015 and regularly houses the league’s pre-season action.

Overall, I love every bit of this arena. From the colours of the seats, the classic, yet clean look, and the on-campus venue, most if not all of the barn’s characteristics are near perfect.

UNB on Twitter: "🚨 2-1 @VarsityReds #UCup #iamvred 🚨… "

For the smallest U SPORTS conference, the AUS has a very wide range of arenas, from modern to 90+ years old, from one sided to professional level bowl, Atlantic Canada’s university hockey arenas have something for everybody.

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  1. Great article. One small clarification… Acadia University does not have a USports level women’s hockey team as might be suggested by the text. They have a club team only. Keep up the quality content.

  2. Just a minor correction, the Aitken University Centre (AUC) has 80 VIP seats (not “sweets”) within four VIP boxes. There is also the glassed-in, licensed Ashley Colter room at the west end of the AUC that can accommodate up to 125. Annually the AUC leads USports in average attendance for men’s hockey.

  3. UNB’s Aitken Centre does not have 80 luxury suites (you spelled it sweets… they are nice, but not that nice), they have four.

  4. You might want to update the Aitken Centre commentary. You mention it being the only rink offering luxury ‘sweets.’ Do you mean suites? I’m sure they offer ‘sweets’ at their concession stands.

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