BREAKING: McGill men’s teams to be known as Redbirds

Montreal, QC- No longer does U SPORTS have a nameless team, as McGill University Athletics has adopted their new men’s team nickname, the McGill Redbirds.

The new name fills in the blank nameplate that was left when the school dropped the “Redmen” nickname due to racist connotations to aboriginal peoples. The decision was made after consulting many stakeholders, and the men’s teams have operated as the McGill Varsity Teams since April 2019. 

The Redbirds are a fitting name for McGill, who stuck with their women’s team’s name of the Martlets, which is a red bird. While some in the public wanted the school to go to one name for all teams, the two name solution was eventually decided on.

Principal Suzanne Fortier hoped that the new team name would be something that the McGill community could “wear, and cheer for, with pride,” and with the new name, Deputy Provost, Student Life and Learning, Fabrice Labeau feels that has now happened. 

While no McGill teams are currently competing due to COVID-19’s impact on university sports, there is potential that RSEQ competition could resume in January, which would be the first time the men’s teams would compete as the Redbirds. 

Burnaby, B.C.’s Simon Fraser University, who play in the NCAA are currently nameless as well, after dropping the “Clan” name in the spring. 

Cover Photo: McGill Athletics

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