Women’s hockey: 3 teams that need to improve for 2020

Guelph Gryphons
Guelph Gryphons (Sportsnet)

2020 marks the start of a brand new year. People are leaving their problems in 2019 and are ready to begin with a clean slate. These three hockey teams could benefit from a reboot and get back in the playoff hunt.

1. Guelph Gryphons

Even though they are the reigning OUA champions, they have not played with the same dominance as last season. They sit fifth in the standings with a 7-4-2 record and have not found the same consistency as last year as they have been unable to string more than three wins together. Their two leading goal scorers have just 6 goals each and the team averages less than three goals a game. The team needs to find more offence if they want to attempt a championship repeat.

2. Western Mustangs

The Western Mustangs are currently sitting outside a playoff spot as they are ninth in the standings with a 7-5 record. This is night and day compared to their play from last season where they finished second in the league. They have also been unable to find any consistency throughout the season and have not won two straight games since October. The Mustangs have played just 12 games this season which means they have a lot of time to make up for their poor start. However, this team will need all hands on deck if they want to turn their season around.

3. Toronto Varsity Blues

While the Varsity Blues have had a dominant season so far, it’s important that they keep their foot on the gas pedal rather than get comfortable and relaxed. Before their December break, they lost three of their last five games and a month away from the season could negatively impact the team’s performance. With two of the top goaltenders in the league at their disposal, it is crucial that the Blues take advantage and dominate the regular season and playoffs. This team is very talented and it is crucial that they keep up their intensity rather than sit back.

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