Women’s Basketball: New Year, New Strategies

As 2020 begins, there aren’t a lot of games left in the season. A few teams need to make some changes to improve their standings before they’re too far behind to clinch a playoff spot.

The first season for Ontario Tech’s women’s basketball team isn’t going very well. They’ve lost every game; giving them a record of 0-10 and are last in the Eastern conference. This gives them the least amount of points scored this season with only 494. Hopefully the team can re-group and work towards the playoffs next season. But, they still have a chance to get at least one win under their belt before the 2019-20 season ends.

The University of Waterloo and Algoma University’s teams have 4 points and 2-9 respectively in the Western conference. The only difference is Waterloo has allowed more points to be scored against them, keeping them below Algoma. Neither team was able to clinch a playoff spot last season; Waterloo was one spot away behind Laurier. It seems Algoma has made some improvements from last season as they finished in last place, but not enough to get them to the playoffs.

In the Central conference, Lakehead University and the University of Toronto are also tied with 4 points. U of T’s team had a 2-8 record, putting them ahead of Lakehead who have a 2-10 record and have allowed 850 points to be scored against them. During the 2018-19 season, Lakehead clinched a playoff spot with a total of 40 points and a 20-4 record. It’s quite shocking that the team’s ranking has changed drastically since last season.

These teams still have a chance to improve themselves before the 2019-2020 season ends and they should continue to work on them in time for next season’s playoffs.

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