Monday Morning Coffey: Every OUA mascot in one sentence

Toronto,ON- Don’t we all just love mascots? Sometimes they’re cute and cuddly, sometimes they are strong and fierce, sometimes they are just downright weird. The OUA has 20 official teams, but only 19 official mascots because Trent Excalibur are against having fun apparently. Today I am going to take one sentence to give my best review/roast of each mascot.

This is all in good fun I promise!

Algoma Thunderbirds


Thunderbirds Launch Basketball Development League - Algoma ...
Algoma University

Boomer looks less like a sports team mascot and more like something you find in Microsoft ClipArt.

Brock Badgers


Boomer – Brand Standards @ Brock
Brock Badgers

Boomer 2.0 is actually a pretty good mascot that works for the cuddle angle because it is not possible to make a badger look scary.

Carleton Ravens

Rodney the Raven

Ravens Merch Store and Box Office Grand Opening set for January ...
Carlton Ravens

One might pause to wonder why Rodney the Raven has a never ending smirk on his face but then you remember that Carleton has won 15 Men’s National Basketball titles since 2001 and then it makes sense.

Guelph Gryphons

Gryph the Gryphon

Mascot life 'like being an actor' |
Guelph Gryphons

Very, very pointy ears aside, I like Gryph, he’s a mascot where you took something scary but made it cute.

Lakehead Thunderwolves


Thunderwolves hiring game night staff - Lakehead University ...
Lakehead Thunderwolves

Wolfie has a smile that is a cross between Wile E. Coyote and the Grinch but before his heart grew three sizes.

Laurentian Voyageurs

Victor the Voyageur

LU confirms Victor the Voyageur, university's mascot, under ...
The Sudbury Star

I would attempt to roast Victor but it looks like Laurentian may be doing away with him and that’s just a good thing to see.

McMaster Marauders

Mac the Marauder

Homecoming: As seen by you – Daily News
McMaster University

This photo was taken moments before Mac the Marauder unfortunately ate these students.

Nipissing Lakers

Louie the Laker

Homecoming 2010 | Nipissing University
Nipissing Lakers

Louie the Laker looks like he was taken off an ad for Fisherman’s Friends cough drops so there’s that.

Ontario Tech Ridgebacks


OTU Athletics

Another example of going for the cuddly mascot rather than trying to look intimidating and Hunter the Ridgeback looks like a very good boy.

Ottawa Gee Gees

The Gee Gee

This is uOttawa | University of Ottawa
Gee-Gees Athletics
Meet a Gee-Gee - The Fulcrum
The Fulcrum

When it has its angry eyebrows on The Gee Gee looks ready to pump a crowd, without them it has the smile (and the eyes) of a 10 year old kid on a sugar high.

Queen’s Gaels

Boo Hoo the Bear

Boo Hoo the Bear - Wikipedia
Queen’s Athletics

Perhaps the ultimate OUA cuddly mascot, I wanted to make fun of Boo Hoo but the more I look at him, he’s just so adorably dapper in his bow tie and hat I just can’t do it.

RMC Paladins

RMC Paladin knight in scarlet uniform and shield

rmc-paladin-mascot – e-Veritas

The RMC mascot (I’m not writing that full title) looks sort of as if someone knew they needed to get a knight costume went to a Spirit Halloween and bought their best proximity of what it would look like.

Ryerson Rams

Eggy the Ram

Eggy the Mascot - Ryerson University
Ryerson Rams Athletics

Eggy is the the epitome of a mascot that you could give a B grade, cuddly but not too much, tough looking but not very, Eggy is the True Neutral of OUA mascots.

Toronto Varsity Blues

True Blue

True Blue - University of Toronto Athletics
University of Toronto

I know True Blue is a beaver but for the life of me whenever I see this mascot I think it’s a squirrel, and considering the location of U of T that actually wouldn’t be a terrible choice for a mascot.

Waterloo Warriors

King Warrior

Reunion 2014 | Arts | University of Waterloo
Waterloo Warriors

Maybe it’s the glasses making me say this, but King Warrior almost looks like the mascot equivalent of the “How do you do fellow kids?” meme.

Western Mustangs

J.W The Mustang

Recap: Top Ten of 2010 - Western Mustangs Sports
Craig Glover

The purple and white horse head? Great! The weird onesie that makes up his body? Ehhh not so much.

Wilfred Laurier Golden Hawks

The Golden Hawk

Lyndsay Morrison on Twitter: "Bring It On! 🐤🎉🤣 @CTVStu & I ...
Laurier Golden Hawks

Those of you who read my OUA hockey jersey review back in April would remember I am not the biggest fan of aggressive uses of yellow (Yes I know it’s their name) but man, the Golden Hawk just feels like they need to be toned down a bit.

Windsor Lancers

Winston the Lancer

Winston - the official mascot of the Windsor Lancers! | Winston ...
Windsor Lancers

The best way I could describe Winston the Lancer would be like this

York Lions

Yeo the Lion

York Lions on Twitter: "Our mascot needs a name! Help name our new ...
York University

This mascot looks just way too uncomfortably similar to Ontario Premier Doug Ford and I don’t know why.

Doug Ford - Wikipedia
Doug Ford
York Lions on Twitter: "Our mascot needs a name! Help name our new ...

So those are my one sentence reviews of each of the OUA mascots. Let me know in the comments below what I got right, what I got wrong, and which other U Sports mascots resemble Canadian Politicians.

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