Monday Morning Coffey: Every Canada West Mascot

Toronto, ON- A long time ago I went over every OUA mascot with my quick thoughts and review. We had some fun with that, so why not try again?

Let’s go, here’s my take on every Canada West mascot.

Alberta Golden Bears and Pandas

GUBA and Patches

University of Alberta on Twitter: "Thank you for helping us ...
(University of Alberta)

The only pair of mascots in Canada West is truly an odd couple, neither of them are perfect but compared to the logos on their jerseys, they are massive upgrades.

Brandon Bobcats

Bailey the Bobcat

Bailey the Bobcat - Brandon University Athletics
(Brandon University)

Is Bailey the most intimidating mascot? No….oh I’m sorry was there supposed to be more?

UBC Thunderbirds


University of British Columbia on Twitter: "Welcome back, #UBC! Some of the  top events this month on campus include the Curling Bonspiel with @ubcrec ,  @ubctbirds Winter Classic, and the 2019 Student
(UBC Athletics)

See Algoma? This is how you do a Thunderbird mascot, by actually involving a bird.

University of British Columbia Okanogan heat


Campaign sets new goal of $200 million | Kelowna's NEW 103-1 Beach ...
(UBCO Heat)

Scorch looks less like a mascot and more like the Android fire emoji that was given arms and legs.

Calgary Dinos


Rex O'Saurus (@UCRex) | Twitter
(Calgary Dinos)

I could be mean and say Rex O’Saurus is a ripoff of The Raptor but I know he’s not so then I don’t have a joke so I’ll just say he’s fine.

University of Fraser Valley Cascades

Sasq ‘ets

UFV Cascades on Twitter: "Calling all performers! We're seeking a ...
(UFV Cascades)

The Cascades changed their mascot to a much friendlier one which if you take a look at this photo of the old one… I get it, sheesh.

Sasq 'ets with a young fan | The Cascades mascot, Sasq 'ets,… | Flickr
(UFV Cascades)

Lethbridge Pronghorns


Lethbridge Pronghorns couldn't hold off the Saskatchewan Huskies - ISN
(Lethbridge Pronghorns)

Considering it’s the Pronghorns I commend Luxie for always having a huge smile no matter how bad they are losing, can’t be easy.

Manitoba Bisons

Billy the Bison

University of Manitoba - Student Affairs - Student Life - Get Involved
(Bisons Athletics)

The current iteration of Billy the Bison is fine but take a look at the old one, a bison with an afro!

Billy the Bison (@Bison_billy) | Twitter
(Bisons Athletics)

MacEwan Griffins


MacEwan Griffins on Twitter: "Our very own Griff is poised to take ...
(MacEwan University)

Griff looks like the Canada West version of Sam Eagle from the Muppets.

Sam the Eagle | Muppet Wiki | Fandom
macewanstores on Twitter: "Mascot is on site! #prepareforlanding ...
(MacEwan University

Mount Royal Cougars

Calvin the Cougar

Top 7 things to know about the Crowchild Classic | MRU
(MRU Athletics)

Calvin the Cougar raises questions, why does he have a helmet on when he’s a mascot? Why does he have yellow demon eyes? So many questions.

University of North British Columbia Timberwolves


Alpha celebrates first season with Timberwolves |
(UNBC Athletics)

I think that UNBC going with only a female mascot is a really cool step to take but Alpha just came out weird, the pig tails they are using to distinguish her just kinda look like they are growing out the side of her head.

Regina Cougars

Reggie the Cougar

Events - UR Connected - University of Regina
(Regina Cougars)

After Calvin the Cougar we have Reggie the Cougar who looks less intimidating but a lot cuddlier than Calvin.

Saskatchewan Huskies


Howling for Huskies! - News - University of Saskatchewan
(University of Saskatchewan)

Howler is a buff looking husky, but hey I mean when you win as much as Saskatchewan has, it gives you a lot of opportunities for trophy lifting strength training.

Thompson Rivers Wolfpack


Maddy Malcolm and Wolfie (Sept 2018) | TRU WolfPack Athletics | Flickr
(TRU Wolfpack)

The yellow eyes, the fangs out, Wolfie is one of the first mascots’ to have I’m gonna eat you vibes and I respect TRU for going for it.

Trinity Western Spartans


THIS WEEK IN SPARTA | WSOC, MSOC, XC, MHKY - Trinity Western ...
(TWU Spartans)

Trinity Western had easily the biggest mascot glow up I have found so far with the new guy looking liking a warrior and the old mascot looking like the guy who would die first in 300.

Sparty - TWU Archives
(TWU Spartans)

Victoria Vikes


Vikes women complete weekend sweep over WolfPack – Victoria News
(UVic Vikes)

This version of Thunder is the same as the last version except this one went to the barbershop.

Clubs, food and PUPPIES! | MyUVic Life
(UVic Vikes)

Winnipeg Wesmen

Wes Lee Coyote

New Wes Lee coyote one nimble and happy mascot | University of ...
(Winnipeg Wesmen)

Wes Lee Coyote 2.0 has been around since December 2016 and he is a massive improvement over the previous Wes Less how had major “I just ate a special cookie and it’s just hitting me” eyes.

Wes Lee Coyote retires after 15 years with Wesmen | University of ...
(Winnipeg Wesmen)

So those are my reviews of the mascots of Canada West. Some are great, some are fine, some are downright weird. What do you think? Let me know below.

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